Book Talk…9/23/16


Book Talk…9/23/16

Traci Kenworth


Silver on the Tree: Book Five of the Dark is Rising series. Susan Cooper. Aladdin Paperbacks. 1977.


Will Stanton receives a vision from the past. Medieval people fleeing something. Later, his brother tells him that all last year during his Navy deployment, he kept getting visits from those who would say, “Tell your brother, Will, the dark is rising. The Old Ones are ready.” His brother asks him what this means. Telling him though leaves him troubled so Will allows him to choose to forget. Later, he takes a trip through time with Merriman to get the Six signs which they placed in the past in Caerleon’s day. His mother tells him that he’s to go on vacation in Wales where he met the young boy, Bran, last year.

Jane, Simon, and Barney Drew are in Wales with their parents. They wish Uncle Gummery was with them. They feel as though they’ve been here before. They run into Will who they know is like their Uncle and a new boy, Bran, who Jane has mixed feelings about. Will has called the Six together. But there are only five. The sixth will come, Will says. Jane’s feelings of misgivings grow. They are trying to find the Lady, Will says to complete the circle of Old Ones.

When they visit the lake where Arthur is said to have defeated a monster out of it, Jane is left by herself and the darkness attacks her. Just when she thinks all is lost, a Lady appears and tell her the verses Will must solve to find the crystal sword. Will and Bran go off to find the lost city while the Drew children hurry off. Polecats chase them to John Rowland’s farm where he and his wife offer to drive them into town.

The forces of dark work to attack all at different points. It is up to Will and Bran and the Drew children to stand against the dark. They will be joined by Old Ones along the way. Can they find the Lady? And fight back the darkness?

Five stars!!


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