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Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/26/16


Writing Links in the 3s and 5…9/26/16

Traci Kenworth







  1. What advantages are there with working with small press?
  2. Why The Blair Witch Project scared Stephen King.
  3. Wolf Creek series comes to TV.



  1. Two towns and the tragedies that joined them.
  2. Don’t mail it in!!
  3. The time of your life when boredom can lead to danger.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas:

  1. Some great tips on how to get things out there!!
  2. Lisa has a little adventure in FL!! Lol.



  1. This could revolutionize things!!
  2. Keep writing those books!!
  3. How to write scenes and sequels.



  1. How to connect with other bloggers.
  2. Trouble with character names?
  3. Remember that less is more.
  4. Do you have empathy with your twisted characters?
  5. Are you too hard on yourself?




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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