Writerly Things…10/2/16


Writerly Things…10/2/16

Traci Kenworth


Happy month of October!! By this time next year, I hope to have a book to introduce to you. I love October for many different reasons. The crisp apples. The colorful leaves. Black cats. The scary stories we start to tell one another. Ghosts and goblins. Scarecrows in every cornfield. It’s all played for fun.

Of course, admittedly, there is a dark side to scary. Unfortunately, there are those monsters that are real. They’re in our neighborhoods. Our grocery store. That dark parking lot. I wish they weren’t there, for your sake and mine. I don’t write scary to inspire others to do awful things. I write it to embolden those that find themselves in their path. Do what you have to, to stay safe. As someone whose divorce was called the Halloween Divorce, I’ve lived in those nightmares and survived.

I pray that you do the same. Keep a watchful eye, but also enjoy the pretend with your children. Halloween is double-edged but it has its heroes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Winchesters. Scooby and the gang. Or, for real, you and me. It doesn’t take much to be a hero. Just that watchful eye. Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself. Every day is a gift. Live it!! Take care and God bless!!






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