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Reading Links…11/15/16


Reading Links…11/16/16

Traci Kenworth



  1. A group of students come across a machine.
  2. A ghost—or something—looking for heaven.
  3. A destiny she has yet to understand.
  4. Who to trust. Book Two.
  5. A spin-off of Mistborn books.



  1. At Beverly Hills High you have to be ruthless to survive.
  2. YA Thriller. Ruby vows revenge on the Frost King for the massacre of her village.
  3. A young boys journey to become a dragonrider.
  4. When the FBI investigates Bianca’s life, will they find something she doesn’t want them to?
  5. Sweet, romantic story with high intensity action.
  6. Amber’s final quest could lose her soul but she must take it anyway.
  7. Santa visits a family of bears.
  8. Two different sisters who ache for a normal existence.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Best friend rule #1: never want the guy’s sister.
  2. He’ll do anything to save her from herself.
  3. A mashup of Hallmark romance and urban legend.
  4. How a woman achieved her success and made it better for the children in her village.
  5. Being deceitful gets you no where.





  1. A man accused of being a magician during the age of witchcraft.
  2. Stranded in the past, their secrets exposed.



  1. Some good ones here!!
  2. Shockingly brutal tale.
  3. Weird horror.
  4. Combining the horror of wars with the horror genre.
  6. Ghosts of the past become more vivid and alive.
  7. Possession to the extreme.



  1. Gone. Gone.
  2. Post traumatic disorder.
  3. Forget college or a normal future, what I wanted to be was a magician.
  4. For everyone who’s shared too much online.
  5. Could you abide by a long list of rules?
  6. unusual take on a mystery novel.
  7. A successful war reporter. A scream in the night. Will she make it out alive?
  8. A woman who supplements her acting with psychic gifts on the mystery front.
  9. A neo-Nazi plot.
  10. Will her blog catch a murderer?
  11. In an effort to stop a virus, America attacks her cities.
  12. A body is found hanging from an ancient gallows the morning after a country music show.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas:

  1. Each episode is like a slice of the Twilight Zone.
  2. Master of the British short form.



  1. A collection of poetry embracing life, aging, and small moments in a life well lived.








I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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