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Writing Links in the 3s and 5…11/21/16


Writing Links in the 3s and 5…11/21/16

Traci Kenworth



  1. Putting the cart before the horse.
  2. Those darn, er.
  3. I’m a hybrid.



  1. Believe in yourself.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Do you know your genre?
  2. Write your first kiss.
  3. Some tips.



  1. Have you hit the blues?
  2. What to do if your book doesn’t sell.



  1. How to continue through the generations.





  1. Windows can put you in the middle of a crime.
  2. Try the name generator.
  3. The original detective agency.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:

  1. Have you thought of going short?
  2. Are you having trouble staying focused on things this time of year?



  1. Freedom of Speech.
  2. The core of your being.
  3. How to reach the shores.




  1. How to do a Goodreads giveaway.
  2. Have you planned beyond the writing?
  3. Are you all set?



  1. The differences aren’t so different.
  2. Could your novel be a movie?
  3. Are your readers understanding the right details?
  4. Ideas strike writers all the time.
  5. Writing with age.





I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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