Writerly Things…12/4/16


Writerly Things…12/4/16

Traci Kenworth


Well, I failed to finish Nano, but as I said last week, I don’t count it as a total loss. I still have the beginnings of a story at 5k. I will continue to work on it here and there while I finish my third draft of my other project. When I set that aside, I’ll take up the slack in the historical until it’s time to edit again.

I’ve begun to study some of my craft books again. Always a good thing!! Going over something you know will help ground you in what you need to know. Of course, not everything works for me, but I try and keep an open mind anyway. Maybe it’ll click somewhere down the line if not right now.

2 thoughts on “Writerly Things…12/4/16

  1. Traci, I completely agree that NaNo is never a waste. You’ve got a start for something you can build on, and there’s just something about participating that screams “I’m a writer!” 🙂 I hope I can join in next year.

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