Writerly Things…12/18/16


Writerly Things…12/18/16

Traci Kenworth


Good morning, everyone!! It has been rough-going with the weather here. A lot of accidents due to the snow and ice. Here, we got some snow but not as much as the snow belt where my daughter works and I drive her to and from there so it can be scary at times. I’ve seen one car hop a deep ditch, slide halfway across someone’s yard, and hit a tree. I saw another in another deep ditch. I’ve heard of 50, 75, and 90 car pile-ups in places. I wish people drove a little more cautiously. I know the weather plays into it, but slow down!! A lot of people had caution lights on for a reason.

I’m finally starting to find a groove for my writing. Early in the morning, I write/edit then read. Clean/laundry. Go pick my son up. Return home to check my writing groups and alternate between FB and twitter when I have the time. Read some more. Start collecting links for my blogs. Go get my daughter. Read craft books. Read fiction books. More blog work. Read The Bible. Write down any story ideas, tweak where I’m going on my current WIPS. Work on character charts for future endeavors. And finish with writing my historical. I don’t always get a lot done on the writing fronts but I strive to get something down, even if it’s only a few sentences. Hey, it’s more than I had.

So, that in a nutshell, has become my routine. Now on weekends, I obviously have more time for each. Although sometimes, that’s thrown off my family time.



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