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Writing Links 2/13/17


Writing Links 2/13/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Maintains the balance between reality and fantasy.
  2. A mingling of characters. Enchanting!
  3. More on how to control angry heroes.
  4. For the science buffs.



  1. Revision getting you down, try these tips.
  2. Do you consider the relationships online as friends? I do! I’ve met quite a few wonderful ones.
  3. Awarded to the most distinguished author in the world of children literature.
  4. Narrators should be invisible if writers want to grab readers.
  5. Creating canine characters.
  6. Do you have a Clueless-que YA story?
  7. Write what you’re interested in.



Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. The five details to consider in a kissing scene.
  2. 75% Indie, 25% traditional.
  3. Do you ever fall into the black hole of research?
  4. Cheat sheet.



  1. Do you know how to get people interested in your book without stalking them on social media?
  2. Do you know the value in your writing?
  3. What do you do to de-stress? Sometimes distracting myself is the way to go then I can re-examine things, and go from there.
  4. Do you have a writer resume?



  1. Some good stuff.
  2. Letters from the trenches.
  3. The differences between widows and widowers over history.
  4. A bit of history.
  5. Would change the course of British trading overseas.
  6. Memories with Avoca throws.



  1. Part two David Bowles interview.
  2. 10 Amazing Horror movies directed by women.
  3. Wild West theme weird fiction with werewolves.
  4. Dying is easy, humor is hard.



  1. Do you prefer the hero or anti-hero? I still have a preference, for the hero myself. I think there’s still room in this world for the good character to shine his or her light.
  2. What type are you?
  3. Suggestions of when said is needed and when it can be skipped.
  4. Is it possible to write crime fiction without following the rules?
  5. Should you trust someone who says something’s “for your own good” in crime fiction?
  6. Taking a chance on our writing.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Has Hollywood sold out? Where is the originality? The stuff of legends?
  2. A story prompt leads to a fun story!
  3. A free sampling!
  4. Progress wins the race!
  5. Join along story…
  6. Will Lu be able to reset?
  7. Will they discover who Jacob is?



  1. Romeo and Juliette.
  4. Shattered hearts.
  7. Twin flames.



  1. Literary fiction is about the individual vision and the people who don’t fit.
  2. Pick and choose what you do. Really!
  3. An angry heroes meeting. Lol.
  4. Learning new things.
  5. Choosing where to put them…
  6. Why do you write?
  7. My favorite is the last. Imagination really can take you anywhere. Just ask a storyteller.



  1. Do you believe we’ve lost our logic?
  2. Start with something you can’t stop thinking about—great advice!
  3. It’s all about positivity.
  4. Target your audience. No, don’t paint targets on their back, lol. Know who they are. Oh, also don’t stalk them. Just know what they read and what they expect in their genre.
  5. Study your favorite authors on how they do things such as gerunds, use of was, that, etc., descriptions, and more.
  6. Do you find your characters flat? This might help!
  7. Mine is being afraid to put my work out there. I sometimes sabotage myself. What are yours?



  1. I think blogs can definitely help you make writing connections.
  2. I find it fascinating writers are inspired by music! Most of my stories come from dreams.
  3. Do you think animals experience emotions? I do. I think the same creator that we share wouldn’t dampen that in other animals.
  4. Magnetic…
  5. Do you remember the play Hair?
  6. Distributing your book to wider audiences.
  7. Do you follow these lists? Sometimes I pick and choose. I, personally, have learned more from the people I’ve met in the last year.
  8. What to do if your site gets hacked. Has anyone tried these? Are they worth the money?
  9. They can act as an author sampler.
  10. Other professions that demand writers.
  11. What to do if Amazon takes down your book because of this. Valuable information!
  12. If you publish online such as Wattpad and want published traditionally, you may run into a wall.
  13. Further notice on the DMCA takedown notice: pirates beware.
  14. Pay attention to the area your character’s from and how they speak there.
  15. For the love of tea!
  16. Have you ever read tea leaves? I find it interesting.
  17. Check out bug-eyed! Lol.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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