Reading Links 2/14/17


Reading Links 2/14/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. The Gilded Cage. Kings of the Wyld.
  2. Quick, enjoyable read.
  3. Old time science fiction with modern sensibility.
  4. Third book in the Invisible Library series.
  5. This is a bad land for gods…the old gods are ignored.
  6. Remember, it’s just a game.
  7. Final book in the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series.
  8. 0/author-spotlight-p-s-winn-2/ Writing with a spiritual twist.
  9. When Princess Cassia Rose fled her home planet to avoid an arranged marriage, she had no idea it would spark a war.
  10. A dark retelling of The Little Mermaid.
  11. In the 30th century, an off-world Earth expedition brings home a giant terminate.
  12. Based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses.



  1. Olympus is rising.
  2. Powerful and important.
  3. A glowing review.
  4. Valentine children’s books.
  5. Sara and The Heart Stone Chronicles.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Understudies never get to perform.
  2. Kids in the story. Check.
  3. Two romance writers with a bit more.
  4. Fantasy with a touch of romance.
  5. Book one of the Bayou Shifter series.



  1. Out of the Frying Pan, a romantic mystery.



  1. 6/sallys-cafe-and-bookstore/ Light-skinned newcomers are changing the land of the three tribes.
  2. In 1897, sixteen-year-old Finley Jane has no one except for the thing inside her.
  3. A notorious feud that lasted two centuries.
  4. A Christmas 1928 gave birth to a yearly phenomenon in South Africa.



  1. Entertaining read and offers quite the thrill ride.
  2. The first in an annual themed anthology.
  3. Some of the latest and greatest women horror writers.
  4. Snowbound slaughter.
  5. An old school monster story.
  6. One of Straub’s most emotional books.
  7. Story about bereavement.
  8. A collection of darkly, disturbing stories.
  9. The answer to what happened to The Yellow Kings will terrify you.
  10. Could the observatory be haunted?
  11. When Tea resurrects her brother from the dead, she learns she is a bone witch.



  1. Called in to investigate a young couple’s disappearance, Paul Maguire, forensic psychologist, has mixed feelings about returning to Bone Island.
  2. Rockton town detective, Casey Duncan, makes a terrible and dangerous discovery in the woods outside of town.
  3. A novel that brings to light the corruption of the financial world in the city.
  4. A locked-room mystery.
  5. A vintage glam spy thriller.
  6. The coven would dance, sometimes in their own shapes, sometimes in animals such as hares or dogs.
  7. When the family of top TV executive goes missing, it seems everyone has an axe to grind with him.
  8. She was the storm.
  9. The fifth book in The Hat Shop mysteries.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. A dangerous man uses the romance fiction a woman reads to be her “perfect” man.
  2. Crimes that take place north of cozy, south of noir, in an area called lowcountry.
  3. Wild Rose Publishing with a hero who finds his miracle on his front lawn.
  4. Anno Dracula gets the graphic novel treatment.





  1. The Spark Form Chronicles, Teller Tales, and Addict.
  2. Imagine walking through an ancient landscape, exploring their sacred sites.
  3. Book 3 of the Dudley Sisters WWII drama.
  4. Book 2 of the Dudley Sisters WWII drama.



  1. The structure of a story.



  1. “You need to come get my daughter. She’s not safe at home anymore.” How terrifying for both mother and child.



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