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Writerly Things…2/26/27


Writerly Things…2/26/17

Traci Kenworth


This past week I spent drawing maps. Maps of the whole world. Maps of the mountains, rivers, and deserts. And finally, a map of everything all together. My world grew from what it was to a place all its own. Originally, I was going to use Purgatory as a setting but these maps changed to a new world. It fits the story better. It fits the characters better.

I worked on the character’s histories too, writing a story about where they came from, what their lives were like growing up, and tales they heard. I discovered my heroine came from a warring city different from the one she finished growing up in when my story starts. She’s stronger now, deeper as a person, and has more to lose.

I’ve also worked on the beginning of my book. I finally nailed what I’ve been trying to say about her, this time around. I’m almost through the start now, just about five-to-six pages to go, I think. I would write more but right now; my time is limited by sharing the computer with my daughter and son. Soon, my daughter hopes to buy a laptop with her tax money refund. However, that’s going to take a while, since she had to amend her return. My son, on the other hand, is working on his senior project. He very rarely uses the computer though he is techier than me or my daughter. His love is video games.

Oh, I got my first Kindle Fire HD 8 this week! I love it already but I’m having trouble downloading my books on overdrive and I’ll have to discontinue use of Adobe Digital Editions after I finish the books on there, because it’s not compatible with the Fire. I’ve been able to read much more this week with the Kindle. I’m reading Joanna Penn’s Creative Mindset, Jenny Kellerford’s The Shadow of a Dragon King, and C.S. Boyack’s Will O’Wisp. I will have reviews for all as I finish and I have many more books lined up on my shelves to go.

I still read paper/hardbacks as well, so those are thrown in there too. On them, I’m reading Cassandre Clare’s City of Fallen Angels and Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. It takes me longer with the paper/hardbacks as I only read them while I’m waiting for my kids to get picked up which may amount to ten-to-fifteen minutes here and there. The Fire, I take to doctor apts. with my mom and there’s a bit of a wait there, so I have time to get through a couple chapters of each book sometimes. Plus, I read on there at night when my daughter takes over the computer. Well, have a great week, take care, and God bless!



I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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    1. I’m using drawings or my attempt at drawing the world. I’ve looked at maps in other book series to get an idea on how they did theirs and tried to come up with my own version. It works for me. The world was not originally as large as it’s become but that may play out later in other books set in this world. I’m using The Ultimate Fantasy Writer’s Workshop Cheat sheet from the blog Autumn Writing. It gives you 9 different areas to work on to bring your world to life. Hope it helps! I know it has me!

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