Reading Links 3/8/17


Reading Links…3/7/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Glory never gets old.
  2. Revisit an oldie and unravel the plot.
  3. Can the universe be saved?
  5. Having a master gives golem a realm of fragility.
  6. After an ice age, humans move underground.
  7. 2046 Children are being stolen from their families and their brains mined in hidden creches across North America.
  8. #3 Star Wars.



  1. A five-book miniseries.
  2. Some memories fade, these were stolen.
  3. Last Leaving.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. The Second Chance Tea Shop.
  2. An extra credit class brings two together.
  3. There’s something wrong at the casino she manages.
  4. What happens to the future when past and present collide?





  1. The history of genetics.



  1. A tale even the Brothers Grimm would find harrowing and disturbing.
  2. Climax unforgettable and epic.
  3. A psychological war between man and the darkness.
  4. Book 7 of the Hellequin Chronicles.



  1. Was it murder or self-defense?
  2. One part pulse-pounding action, two parts Wall-E2.
  3. Emotionally hard hitting.
  4. The truth hurts—but lies are deadly.
  5. When his wife fails to return from Italy after her father’s death, the husband discovers his wife’s life is a tangled mystery.
  6. Captain Sharif’s compound has been breached. Set in 2047 when the Muslim countries have formed together similar to the Soviet Union.
  7. A retired lawyer finds himself targeted by a terrorist group.
  8. So, the thing is, I come from a world we were supposed to have…
  9. Inspired by a real-life incident.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics: Short story collection, high fantasy.





  1. Join the list.





  1. A collection of stories about growing up in Ireland.
  2. Icy adventures in northern wastes.



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