Reading Links 3/28/17


Reading Links…3/28/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. An UF set within an alternate reality.
  2. A world where magic flourish and dark secrets are kept by those who rule.
  3. A forbidden continent where humanity no longer rules.
  4. What is the truth behind Beowulf?
  5. Every god, goddess, and demon you’ve read about is in here.
  6. Revenge, madness, and Bloody diamonds.
  7. What if wishes could come true?
  8. “Holy water doesn’t harm vampires. Which is just as well as it would be impossible to baptize them.”
  9. Mankind carves out an existence from a desolated past.
  10. The call her Ziggy or Zig.
  11. Wrecked and abandoned on the edges of space, a starship crew tries to find a way to survive.
  12. Charming is a kingdom where fairytales come true.
  13. A teen uprooted by the death of her mother and the abdication of a father.



  1. Whatever they imagine can brought into existence.
  2. Check out this cover!
  3. Two prisoners escape from Frankenstein’s castle!


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Having it all is a fantasy, right?
  2. #1 of the Haunted Road series.
  3. I’m scarred. Broken. I will never be the same.





  1. Fifth book in the American Journey series.
  2. A classic western complete with miners, murder, and mail order brides.



  1. Bridgefield Mall empties of its customers into a mist on a black Friday. They never return. What’s in store for those left inside?
  2. A book that takes us back to Castle Rock!
  3. A book that explores humanity and the relationships we have with one another.
  4. New novels.
  5. Strange Crimes of Little Africa.
  6. How well do you know the people you chat with on social media?
  8. A story of menace and dark secrets.



  1. What happens when a girl finds out the man who raised her is a murderer?
  2. A psychic vampire must battle grief, injury, and her own family as she fights evil on all sides.
  3. A lawyer and ex-convict secures a fifteen-year-old’s release on probation.
  4. The summer of 1967 is a time of fear.
  5. A mystery told over decades.
  6. The John Cannon trilogy.
  7. When she wakes in a strange bed and finds a dead man beside her, she must uncover what happened the night before.
  8. Deep below the island, something monstrous lies waiting for Thettie.
  9. When Jo says yes to giving a stranger a lift, she swiftly wishes she hadn’t.
  10. Home is no longer a place of safety.



Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics: An anthology that could do more for mummy fiction than any in the past decade.









  1. Helping others cope with the caregiving they do.
  2. Troubled family relationships.
  3. An Outlaw and a Lady by Jessi Colter.



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