Writerly Things


Writerly Things…4/16/17

Traci Kenworth


Happy Easter! Blessings to you all! As you read this, I will have finished my third draft and readied it for betas. I’m pretty happy with the story so I hope no major setbacks are found. I still need to tighten it and check it further after the betas return. As it is, I’m turning my attention to finish my first draft of my historical romance. It’s odd that I finished both at the same time, though they’re at different points in the term “finish.”

For that WIP, I’ll need to go back and do some further research to double-check everything. But first, I’ll rest it for a while, just like the YA Fantasy. I need to figure out what to work on next in both areas. I think it’ll be the sequel for the YA Fantasy but that might depend on which direction I go. The romance will definitely be another historical, though I have to sort through my Idea Jars to figure out which one to do.

What kind of traditions do you keep on Easter? Usually, we go to family but this year I think it’ll be a quiet dinner at home. I already have a breakfast casserole picked out for the day. Read anything good lately? Time for book recommends in the comments! Have a great week and take care!

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