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Wiing Links 5/8/17


Writing Links…5/10/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Is present tense becoming a trend in genre fiction?
  2. Tips & techniques.
  3. Unbridled joy.
  4. On branding.



  1. Risk success or failure.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Does swag sell your work?
  2. Take a cue from real-life.
  3. Revision is a good thing.
  4. Re-packaging an old series.
  5. Need some suggestions on disagreements between characters.
  6. Tips to bring the funny into your story.



  1. Sometimes we have to face the darkness, to bring back the light.
  2. How do you prefer to read?



  1. A reader looks for a glimpse of a promise in historical fiction.



  1. Here’s a sample of the new horror writer podcast.
  2. How to make things more personal.
  3. Have you heard about the weird novel? It’s getting more popular every day.
  4. Stranger Things to be weirder, more horror-oriented.
  5. Recognizing mistakes within fiction.



  1. You have to enjoy being with your hero.
  2. Staying with family.
  3. Are you ready to give up? Or brave on?
  4. Forty-five books to his credit.
  5. Welcome back to Mae!
  6. Communication is crime fiction.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. The locked door.
  2. Yard sale.
  3. Nuns share—a drink?
  4. More chaos.
  5. Is Lucas trustworthy?
  6. Keeping busy.



  1. Snow crystals.
  3. Japanese poetry in English.
  4. A song that brings back memories.
  5. Her best side.
  6. Stooping from Heaven.



  1. Coming to terms with who we are.
  2. Is self-publishing for you?
  3. Did you think the end was near?
  4. News in the self-publishing world.
  5. Are we pushing too hard?
  6. A villain is made by outside forces. I find this true in my worldbuilding. Had my villain never suffered perhaps he wouldn’t be the villain.



  1. Are there too many coincidences in your novel?
  2. Do your characters tell the story?
  3. Theme isn’t something you get to control.
  4. A winning query.
  5. How not to personalize a query.
  6. An obsessive personality?



  1. Do you keep things as they are, or reinvent?
  2. An Arrow in the Wind news.
  3. The ritual.
  4. A sample of how to describe.
  5. And it’s a wrap!
  7. Beautiful pics.
  8. How much of yourself do you want out there?
  9. How to tell an expert.
  10. Some things to consider.
  11. Vacant lot.
  12. May Day eve.
  14. Having your own space. I recently rearranged part of my living room on one side for a desk space for my daughter and one for me. I have a “door” opening that lets me leave the living room behind and step into my “office.”
  15. A Roman myth debunked.
  16. Finding the blue sky.
  17. How to format your book!
  18. What are your thoughts?
  19. Technology and web design.
  20. Fourth toe?
  21. Would you like to add a digital signature to your book? Here’s how!
  22. Have you found your “voice?”
  23. Pics of the neighborhood.
  24. Tips on the book review. I usually don’t review a book I didn’t like. That’s not to say every book I do is perfect, but I found something likeable for me in the book itself. I do see some of these tips might help my reviews though and may use them as guidelines in the future with what I do already.
  25. A walk through Spain.
  26. It all started with a blog.
  27. More links to check out!




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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