The Sunshine Blogger Award


With apologies to Jessica, I wasn’t sure which picture was for the blogger award, so I improvised and chose something that always makes the sun shine for me. Jessica nominated me for this award and her blog is at:


Here are the answers to her questions:

  1. What animal are you and why? Oh, this is a hard one! I love most animals. I adore cats and dogs but if there’s one animal I just go over the moon about: it’s horses. I don’t have any of my own (still my biggest dream for heaven, if not sooner) but I do go to riding stables when I get the chance. In college, I went into the Equestrian program till finances made it difficult for me to continue.
  2. Give me a secret no one else knows. Hmm. This could be dangerous, lol. Um, I have four cats. Two kittens, Miss Callie and Miss Priss, and two adults, Snowball and Midnight. (Secret two: I can sing. I had friends who majored in the acting dept. and singing and they encouraged me to go for it but I was too much of an introvert.)
  3. What’s your day job? I’m a writer. I write historical romances and I love to write YA in the fantasy to scary genres. I’m currently dabbling in the contemporary scene.
  4. Self-publish or traditional? Why? That is a question I’m not sure of yet. My biggest dream has been to see my books in bookstores. To do that, I may have to go traditional. Although self-publishing WILL be in my future at some point. I’d consider more of a hybrid approach to publishing.
  5. Favorite song. Or music type. I like all types, just like my reading. I listen to classical sometimes when writing, also Christian, I also like country and eighties rock, I love the 50s music and some seventies. A bit of everything makes me sing along.
  6. Who do you look up to in the world? Jesus, he is my savior, my peace.
  7. What’s your greatest fear? That no one will like my writing. That I’ll never be the author I want to be.
  8. Are you happy with your life? Yes, though I wish I was a bit more outgoing. I try to stay positive about things.
  9. Chocolate or cheese? Do I have to choose, lol? If I had to pick, I guess it would be cheese because nothing tastes better on most foods than cheese!
  10. Why do I blog? To connect with others. To keep me motivated. To push myself to get out there and take the chance so that someday, my words will be read and enjoyed by others.

As for my nominees, I’m going to leave that open to whoever wants to participate. So, if you’d like (just remember to link back), here are my questions:

  1. What’s your favorite book?
  2. What authors inspire you?
  3. Do you have pets in your life?
  4. Are you new to writing or have you been writing for a while?
  5. What are your views on Indie or traditional publishing?
  6. What kind of blog do you have?
  7. What genres do you write? Or types of non-fiction?
  8. Do you have any hidden talents?
  9. What’s on your desk?
  10. Do you prefer to write on a computer or longhand?
  11. What do you hope people will remember you for?

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