Writerly Things 7/2/17


Writerly Things…7/2/17

Traci Kenworth


So, I’ve stumbled on a new YA project idea. I’ve blurbed it out and have begun plotting. It’s set during biblical times and involves giants. I’m really excited about it. It feels like a cute, good time story, with just enough seriousness to make it intriguing. There are a few points that I need to figure out but that’s what we writers do.

I listened to a Stephen King/George R.R. Martin and I enjoyed hearing their stories of how they began writing. It’s just something they fell into. I was like that. I just started writing scripts for my cowboys and Native Americans and my Barbies at a young age. I didn’t know that this writing thing was something I could actually do. It was just a part of me.

They shared how they got published. That first story. I can’t wait for that day for myself. They also shared a bit about their writing processes. For my own, I just take my outline and my pics of my characters and setting to ground me and then words just happen. Sometimes it’s a few, other times more. I’m averaging six pages right now when I do write though there’s been some days I had to pass.

Both admitted the fans didn’t understand the writing process and how sometimes you couldn’t just produce something if you wanted quality, it took time. I’m a slow writer as I’ve mentioned before. Though sometimes, I can produce faster. It depends on how well the Muse is flowing. Did you watch the interview? What did you think?

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

One thought on “Writerly Things 7/2/17

  1. I didn’t see the interview but I’ve read ON WRITING by Stephen King. I agree it’s interesting to see how the famous ones started out and how similar the process is for many writers, including myself. Sometimes, you have to make the muse flow. Sometimes it’s like a raging river and you can’t write/type fast enough. I’m waiting to get to that spot. 🙂

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