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Writing Links 7/10/17


Writing Links…7/10/17

Traci Kenworth



  2. Is your character from South Korea?
  3. Cement the previous chapter then move on to the new. This wouldn’t work for me. I’d be too anxious to revise the whole. I start each day reading the last paragraph and go on during the rough draft. I save revising for when the draft is done.
  4. Two characters explored.
  5. The different types of legends. Does your story have/need one?
  6. Good titles.



  1. I have brought some books out of the trunk, mostly because I believed in them. Not to say I wouldn’t put them back there if they don’t work out.
  3. Are video conferences the way of the future?
  4. How do you know when to trust your story ideas? I do when I continuously have something happening with them. In other words, other pieces slowly grow into a story. If I don’t “connect the dots,” I don’t go on with it.
  6. Tips on worldbuilding.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  2. Good advice. Write what interests you.
  3. What goes into an elevator pitch.
  4. Do your characters have physical problems?
  5. On self-publishing.
  6. RWA descends on Disney.



  1. Some things to think on for marketing. Do any of you do signings? Do you get big turnouts?
  2. Good news in Christian publishing.
  3. Is it who you know or what you write?
  4. Ways to organize yourself.
  5. Fill in the setting.



  1. Writing a dual timeline story.
  2. Bishops of Durnham.
  3. Theme is what the book has to say about an idea.
  4. The oldest borough in England.



  1. So true!
  2. Eight must-read reference books.
  3. The relationship between horror and heavy metal.
  4. Don’t cut yourself thin. Take time for things that make you happy.
  5. Horror movies from the past.



  1. Today’s audience doesn’t like long novels unless you already a fan favorite.
  2. Titles can make or break a book.
  3. A terrifying ride on the highway.
  4. I hope all your weeks get better from here on out, it’s been a rough year already for us. It was rough last year, but there’s always hope and tea.
  5. A look at Japanese crime fiction.
  6. How to sustain an idea.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Our country’s roots go deep. Not that we don’t have things to overcome. Together, we can do it.
  2. The right cross to bear, LOVE this story!
  3. The Watcher Oak.
  4. The power of the blood.
  5. To the seven.
  6. An adventurer and his story.



  1. Different types of poetry.
  3. The creation of a thousand forests.
  4. The bitter end.
  5. Freedom spirit.



  1. Everything you need to know about self-publishing.
  2. What is it and should you use it?
  3. Photobucket to charge $399 for its services.
  4. News in the Indie industry. Orna Ross and Joanna Penn.
  5. Give him a strong motive.
  6. The differences between starting out and when you hit.



  1. How to add foreshadowing to your toolbox.
  2. How do you take criticism? In the past, I’ve rushed to fix things and even abandoned projects. I’m hoping, with my latest, to change that pattern. I know I need to read the criticism and then put it aside to let it sink in and only then correct what’s right for the story.
  3. Write a query blurb. I’ve done this with my last couple of books. It helps me immensely. It give me a guide to direct my steps by.
  4. Subplots have to have a purpose.
  5. Give your character motivation.
  6. Could you use a distraction-blocker?



  1. The support for others comes back to you. Try it!
  2. Can man and nature co-exist?
  3. On service.
  4. Compelling hooks for readers.
  5. Breathing life into your character.
  6. Tips on how to keep moving forward despite summer. I take it one day at a time, just letting the pumps flow when they do. I average five to six pages a day. I could probably do more, but this pace keeps me pushing forward.
  7. Do you have these?
  8. Don’t tear yourself apart. Very true. Forgive yourself for mistakes, they’ll bring you down if you don’t. Just go on and take care of yourself. You need you whole to care for those you love.
  9. A night out.
  11. Writing what you know.
  13. Ways to backup scrivener.
  14. Do you swear on your blog?
  15. Links for the week.
  16. Accepting a voice actor.
  17. Camping out.
  18. Need help with worldbuilding?
  19. Use the also-boughts to determine your audience.
  20. Don’t dumb things down!




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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