Writerly Things…7/30/17


Writerly Things…7/30/17

Traci Kenworth


So, narrowing down my choices for YA mentor. There were originally 73, I think. I’m down to eleven which is pretty good imo, lol. I’m following the eleven on twitter and watching to see what interest them further, clues to help me whittle them down to the four we’re allowed. It has been SO hard to choose! There were some that I thought were PERFECT but then they cancelled me out on something they didn’t want on their lists like bugs and angels.

Not that I have angels in my work, but the powers come from the angels so I figured they wouldn’t want that either. I did find one mentor who loves bugs, especially spiders, so she’s kind of at the top of my list right now, lol. They say my genre is tough on competition: YA Fantasy. I’m hoping the historical bent and the fact that it has a unique spin on things will help. I had to cut those who didn’t want religion in the story as well even though my religions are obviously made up and set in another world. I figured that it might not be looked on favorably.

There were a couple puzzle to figure out if you wanted to win an extra chance at the competition but I couldn’t figure out all of the posts words. Some words were in blue which I knew went with the blue puzzle, some in red for the other puzzle, but there were words in different colors and sometimes none at all and it grew frustrating so I just said, if this competition’s meant for me, I’ll get in, if not, I’ll continue on with my next step.

All of the mentors look amazing to work with, I can’t wait to see who will match up with me should I get in. Are you entering the competition? Do you have your choices narrowed down?

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