Writerly Things 8/13/17


Writerly Things…8/13/17

Traci Kenworth


Last Friday, a tornado came through our town. It dropped trees everywhere. It also tore the electrical box and phone box off the side of our house. The storm hit so fast there was no time to prepare. I heard a big boom in the front and back of my house and my son and I got to safety. It ended just like that. At that time, the tornado siren went off.

We’ve removed ten trees and we’ve stayed at an inn for the past week. We were able to move back in this past Thurs. I thank God it wasn’t worse. I’m totally exhausted from dealing with things but like I said, it could’ve been worse.

No word on Pitchwars yet, but they don’t announce their picks till Aug. 25th so, there’s time. Take care and God bless!


10 thoughts on “Writerly Things 8/13/17

    1. No, they usually come through every so many years. The last one was 14 years ago, when I first moved in, it was bad then but this time it was much worse. We didn’t have time to get anywhere but the bathroom. By the time we got there, it was over. It last minutes and yet it seemed like a long time after the first and second boom of things falling.

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