Writerly Things 8/20/17


Writerly Things…8/20/17

Traci Kenworth


Well, so far I haven’t had any requests on Pitchwars so I’m thinking of moving on to the next step: queryland. It will be some time though as I’m waiting to hear back on my revised version. This is the right path for me at the moment, I think. There are always steps though and we have to exhaust each to figure out the next. That doesn’t mean I didn’t learn from Pitchwars or that I wouldn’t enter it again in the future. This is all just part of my journey.

I’ve finally got the wires down in my driveway and cleared where I can move in and out without a problem. There is still debris to clear and then back to the mowing. My yard looks sad right now, but it’ll clean up. At least my Rose of Shannara is blooming on one tree. The other’s still to small. I lost my poppys when the trees crashed down upon it. It had lost its blooms but it usually came back in the fall again. Not seeing that happening this time.

I’m getting geared up to work on TGW. I’m not sure where I’ll begin. I’m going to try OneStopforWriters and see how the development goes. They have neat tools to work with and I’m excited to see what comes of it all. I got to get back into my reading again as well. With the storm, I haven’t been able to concentrate. I’m hoping this week is the start of something good.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

4 thoughts on “Writerly Things 8/20/17

    1. It’s been calmer this past week, thank goodness! We had a lot of rain which is halting the removal of debris outside but we’re getting to it. Poor Texas! Did you see 300,000 people lost electricity due to the hurricane?

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