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Writing Links 9/25/17


Writing Links…9/25/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Promotion time!
  2. Hair can sometimes make or break a character. This post gave me an idea for an opening of a second book. I love finding posts like this!
  3. Character interview.
  4. Progress and places in NY to visit.



  1. They shouldn’t be one dimensional but their bad deeds shouldn’t be diminished.
  2. Do you read more than one book at a time? As you’ve probably seen, I do. A lot has to do with deadlines for review and having to get the books read. I’d much rather take my time but that’s not always the way it goes.
  3. On believing in your characters no matter how much time has gone by. I may revisit characters I’ve written in other stories but it hasn’t happened yet. I tried this summer to rewrite my first book but it just wasn’t meant to be pulled back from the drawer.
  4. On knowing when it’s the one.
  5. Making your villain–human? I do think it makes for a more interesting antagonist if you can understand where they’re coming from, why they are the way they are.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. How Amazon’s also-bought can give you a big picture of where your books compare to similar ones.
  2. The difference between suspense and mystery.
  3. Word is the first choice for editors. I’ve used the tracking changes myself with my crit group so I’m used to it.
  4. Eight years!
  6. Mirror your beginning and end. I tried this technique in my last book. I think it worked well but we’ll see my beta reader thinks.



  1. We need both to sustain life.
  2. Fail better than the last time. You’re always growing, always learning. Improve each time.
  3. Research is important to check your facts or your reader could check you. I try to do my best but sometimes you have to kind of guess when a date isn’t known. You can get it in the ballpark of certain events. For instance, the story I’m working on happens near the end of King David’s reign. I can’t pinpoint the exact date so I’ll try and note that the story may be off with facts. I have a good five-year span so I’m hoping things work out but I may get it wrong. Anyone else run into this problem?
  4. Speech tips.
  5. 1800 years ago Marcus Aurelius had to deal with them, this is how.



  2. King Edwin and his conversion.
  3. Germanus was a great influencer of Christianity in the 5th



  1. He’s won ten Bram Stoker awards!
  2. Proving worth to yourself.
  3. Tim Miller on board for Terminator 6.
  4. Different Seasons is my favorite. The movie, Stand by Me inspired me to be a writer.
  5. Collection of Nightmares. Poetry.
  6. Russian watchmaker creates 27 timepieces inspired by It.



  1. Those pop-ups. Nobody likes them. They’re better not to have.
  2. The mirror moment.
  3. An interview.
  4. Learning the ropes from old timers.
  5. An ordinary person in horrifying consequences.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  4. Visit with the kids.
  6. LOVED this story!
  8. Ashes & Hummingbirds. I adore hummingbirds. They’re just so magical!



  1. A world in pain.
  4. Screwed up thoughts.



  1. An author deals with rejection. I’ve been writing for a long time, I’ll probably always write.
  2. Writing longhand is how I do my first drafts.
  3. Life on the water.
  4. Getting your books into physical shops.
  5. Book marketing.
  6. How to bring the benefits of TV/movies into your writing.



  1. Build your own language. I did in my current project out on edit. It’s based on the Cherokee. It was surprisingly fun to create new words for my series.
  2. Changing “when” to “now.”
  3. I find that I tend to write series but there are some exceptions.
  4. Less is more. How to get that vital info slipped into the present time line.
  5. Characters don’t always notice the details when they’ve been at a place before. Something new, however—
  6. Online back-up.
  7. Have a bartender in your story? Some tips.
  8. Make sure you don’t sign away your intellectual property.



  1. The difference in salespersons.
  2. A woman who sees an alternative light.
  3. Provide a service to your customers.
  4. I like mine in a bowl or cup. Lol, mostly because it’s all I have available at the time. Occasionally, I like sundaes.
  5. In spirit.
  6. Take time.
  7. Lot’s wife.
  8. I think we need each other to see the uniqueness. We may think our lives nothing spectacular but to another, we are living the dream.
  9. Healthy cooking.
  10. Can Barnes & Noble win back their customers?
  11. Take time to relax.
  12. Do you use Instagram? Does it work for you?
  14. Let the river flow.
  15. One man’s dilemma.
  16. Online tools for writing.
  17. A part of living.
  18. Some funnies.
  19. Get away.
  20. The week’s links.
  21. Arthur, the legend.
  22. Margarita, anyone?
  23. How fast did this summer go? Did we even have one? Heat, yes, I’d rather that end.
  26. Warning!
  27. Fall and its colors.
  29. Good for review.
  30. Advice for interviews.



I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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  1. Whooooooo! 2 poems! I am getting a big head from all this wonderful promotion. (Pfff, like it wasn’t already big enough 😂)
    Thank you so much AGAIN! ❤❤❤❤❤

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