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Reading Links…10/3/17


Reading Links…10/3/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. A little of this, a lot of that, lol.
  2. The hunter becomes the hunted.
  3. Final book in the Reunification trilogy.
  4. Would you help a stranger if it meant you risked the government finding out and being taken from your family?
  6. On the eve of destiny, the fate of the champions are in the hands of those they once called enemy.
  7. A future world that feels very near future.
  8. War between shifters and humans.
  9. She’s been asked to be a spy by the game’s designer.
  10. Think Harry Potter.



  1. A world where every word and gesture is copyrighted.
  2. Beautiful illustrations!
  3. Purple turtle.
  4. UK SS Athenia first ship attacked on the day UK declared war on Germany.
  5. Slowpoke is the slowest turtle.
  6. When his famous bluesman grandfather dies, Clayton must learn to find his own solo.
  7. Pig in the city.
  8. Fourth-grader Amy Anne finds her favorite book banned.
  9. There is a plot, Harry. Book Two, LOVED this series. I didn’t read it until five years ago. I thought I’d better seeing that I write fantasy and YA, lol. Win.
  10. Cover reveal.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Chic lit. Each step becomes bigger than the last.
  2. A bad boy with something to prove. A woman with a mission.
  3. Torn between two men, a woman must choose.





  1. Second book in American journey five-part series. No need to read in order.
  2. We all have stories.



  1. 90s romp in Hawaiian subgenre horror.
  2. Surreal, subversive, political.
  3. A book for horror and mystery writers alike.
  4. Five boys attacked her. Now they’re going to pay with their flesh and blood.
  5. The loss of a child can rip a family apart.
  6. Long ago, when we lived in the forest…
  7. A ghost story that will haunt you.



  1. Emotionally brilliant.
  2. A terrorism thriller that examines how far someone will go to reach the height of power and ambition with little regard for human life.
  3. Three choices for cozy mystery fans.
  4. You made one mistake. It will change everything.
  5. A serial killer remotely hacking cars.
  6. Cover reveal.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Rising from the everyday into the universe itself.
  2. Red Bark and Ambergris. Short story.
  3. Time travel anthology. What if you had all the time in the world?
  4. A collection of stories that feature dwarves.
  5. Continues on with the Qu’rm Saddic Heresy series.
  6. Friendships and cliques discussed in this book.
  7. First four issues.



  1. Two poetry collections.
  2. Love poetry.



  1. Life in The City. Life seemed perfect until the weekend everything changed forever.
  2. The scarlet ribbon holds you fast in the nightmare. Will you awaken?
  3. Brendan Meeks has schizophrenia.



  1. A glimpse into Nicholas Rossis’s book.







I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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