Writerly Things 10/29/17


Writerly Things…10/29/17

Traci Kenworth


I’m up to about 4700 right now on TGW. It’s been slow-going the last few days. It always is as I set up the scene and get my character to tell me about what’s happening. They don’t always want to co-operate. Sometimes I can’t get the vision down just right. It takes days of prodding to get it ready to go and then once I get into it, it’s off and running. With this chapter, I’ve switched viewpoint characters, so that takes a little longer to kick in as well.

You get used to one character and then when another takes over, it can be hard to get into their skin, so to speak. When it happens though, it’s great. Just when you get them down pat, though, it’s time to switch back to the former character. I usually only do two povs per story. When I started writing though, I did more. A lot more, lol. Like Game of Thrones or such. I kind of liked taking the story further through the eyes of each different character but they say that too many vps make it hard for the reader to get to know the characters.

Have you ever tried to write more than a few povs? Did it work for you? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

5 thoughts on “Writerly Things 10/29/17

  1. Grats on your progress. 🙂 My view on povs is that each major thread needs a pair of eyes, including that of the villain. Some stories,there are only a few threads. Others have many, so more povs. They are hard work though. 🙂

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    1. They sure are! I’m still just getting a trickle of words so far this week, but the week is new. I’m at a dangerous scene and need to make sure it’s more than just blow-by-blow.


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