Writerly Things 11/27/17


Writerly Things…11/26/17

Traci Kenworth


Things are starting to get fixed. I have a new roof. It’s metal and in barn red. Now, my house needs painted, lol. I still need to get the window and gutters done. My estimate for the gutters was way too high, so I’m looking elsewhere. I’ll have to call someone about the window again. Luckily, it’s the outer storm window so that is something. Especially with how late in the year it is, and snow is expected anytime. The trees are slowly getting cleared as well.

For now, there’s sun and I’ll take that. I visited a dermatologist last week and he prescribed an ointment for my hives/itching so getting relieved there as well. I threw out the new detergents, yes both, were the culprits. I went back to All Free & Clear and will never switch again! This whole episode has reminded me that there’s a lot of things to watch for in what I use. I can’t use those fancy body lotions from the mall, for instance, hive city.

As for writing, I finished another chapter and outlined the next two so I can start in on them. I’m really liking OneStopWriters’ charts! They’re a big help. Especially with the outlining and it keeps everything I need together so I keep the site open while I write so it can guide me. Bonus if I need to describe an emotion I have the thesauruses there. And now, I have Nicholas Rossi’s Emotional Beats to refer to as well. It’s hard sometimes to think of the perfect way to describe something, this book offers some springing board ideas. I encourage everyone to try it!

In other words, with the holiday season approaching, I love this time of year. I wish the goodwill lasted all year round. As it is, I enjoy the smiles people wear, the bounce in their steps. Everyone is so cheerful, and it puts me in a happy mood. Have a great week, take care, and God bless!




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