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Writing Links 12/4/17


Writing Links…12/4/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. So sorry for your loss, again, Colleen.
  3. I miss this lost art too. Letters used to be so much fun!
  4. An added character.
  5. Songs for the champions.



  1. Dealing with unresolved grief.
  2. I’ve done this. I will still write even if I never get published. Stories are a part of me.
  3. Mentoring young writers.
  4. T0p Ten reads of the year, what are your favorites?
  5. Start with two!
  6. On facing your own demons.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Remember where your story came from.
  2. Writing something other than what your known for could turn things around.
  3. Doing your research will add layers of complexity to your story.
  4. Do you set goals?
  5. Outlining chapters after writing them.
  6. The Golden Heart.



  1. What to do in-between deadlines.
  2. I like this message: stop worrying. You are not alone in your journey.
  3. This, I think, will help with that blank page I hate so much. It’s always the start of a scene that I struggle with, once I set it, it just begins to flow through.
  4. Some pitfalls to avoid.
  5. If you’re interested in getting published by the big 5, advice says: no. Thoughts?
  6. Proposals and editing take time.



  1. Bookbub and going wide.
  2. Bonnie Prince Charlie and Clementine Walkinshaw.



  1. Tokyo Ghoul and other news.
  2. Author of Starr Creek and The Willows.
  3. Three-time Shirley Jackson award nominee.
  4. A documentary on Edgar Allan Poe.
  5. A more gender-balanced future for the genre.
  6. Wrapping up Nano.



  1. The business from A to Z.
  2. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger. I had a lot of actor friends at college but I never had the courage to take the plunge.
  3. I think this is true in most cases. I used to be more conscious of what others thought of me. I’m growing more assured of myself these days though and don’t worry so much. I try to be kind to others in the hopes they’ll return the favor to another.
  4. Info about branding your website, covers, editing, and more! Definitely give this a look! A lot packed into this.
  5. Writing through sickness. I try and do this but most of the time it doesn’t work. I have a large desktop computer which I can’t take with me to bed when I fall ill, lol, though one day I hope to get another laptop. Things may change then.
  6. Part 2 in which the funnel is explained!


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:

  1. Should you sequester yourself away to write? For a while, maybe. Life is good too, lol.
  2. A very nice story! Well, in thought, lol. Bad Day means well, I’m sure.
  4. Very creative. Like this a lot!
  5. Share your short stories. Dec. 27th
  6. The song.



  4. Time flies.
  5. Strong heart.
  6. Invisible energy.



  1. The covers.
  2. Dealing with bad reviews.
  3. Reaching young readers through festivals and school programs.
  4. Including images with your posts gets more hits.
  5. Entrepreneurs create values from ideas.
  6. Increase sales and grow your launch teams.



  1. Things that didn’t work in a book launch.
  2. Advice for writing funny.
  3. Analyze the scene to see what emotions the character is experiencing.
  4. Pushing ourselves past the easy writing, getting down to the real truth.
  5. Writing youth for adults.
  6. Working with your literary agent.



  1. A new Tolkien?
  2. I think this is well said. Sometimes we let peer pressure discourage us. As Seth says, “It’s not universal. Ignore it.”
  3. I write for many of the same reasons. It is my hold on to a world that changes every day for me.
  4. Hope to catch one or two of these this week. Lots of clean-up from the storm still to be done.
  5. I always root for the underdog.
  6. Meet the reader series.
  7. Good way to look at things. Don’t give up on your other stories, promote always!
  8. Travelling in England.
  9. Life with MS. I salute the author. I know how difficult it is with Bipolar.
  10. Introduction to her characters. I use actors usually for my characters as well mixing the older generations sometimes with newer ones. It just depends who fits the image I have in mind.
  12. Invest in something that feels you up!
  13. I didn’t realize the benefits of the apricot.
  14. Nano results and more.
  15. Five individual and one service named in scammer suits.
  16. Ani’s adventure with the turkey and Christmas letters by Robbie’s characters. Enjoy!
  17. Two-part series by Staci on marketing.
  18. The first in a series about grief and widowhood.
  19. Fun at the gym.
  22. Staying organized with little time.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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