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Reading Links 1/23/18

Woman, portrait, fantasy
Woman. Portrait.

Reading Links 1/23/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. Today, we’re touring around a novella called The Hat. This one is about a girl, Lizzie, who works hard to overcome the trials of everyday life. She winds up with an old hat that belonged to her grandfather, only this is no ordinary hat. It’s a being from another dimension, trapped in the shape of a hat for all time.
  2. Asimov’s Science Fictionjust published “The Rescue of The Renegat,” a new novella in the Diving Universe.
  3. A New Goddessis officially released on Amazon Wednesday, January 17. But I’ve already released it early here on my site along with the Games of Fire trilogy bundle. Both are on sale this week to celebrate the completion of the second trilogy set in the world of Myrrah.
  4. After 19 years of writing, editing, outlining, and toiling, my big fantasy adventure series comes to an end. 
  5. Another 2016 Nebula nominee today, this time for best Novella. A Taste of Honey(2016) is set in the same world as a previous work by Kai Ashante WilsonThe Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, which I confess I have not read (it’s not necessary for the understanding of this story, though it may provide some useful background to the setting and its institutions).
  6.  follows the adventure of a much younger Mujahid Mukhtaar as he journeys across Erindor seeking vengeance, 
  7.  the 2018 debut from Rati Mehrotra, is mostly a YA fantasy novel with a post-apocalyptic Earth background and sci-fi elements sprinkled in for flair. It’s an ambitious undertaking, and though it doesn’t always succeed, the characters and their world are interesting and Mehrotra’s prose is compelling.
  8. Ford Barlow is banished from his home and the clansmen he loves after a tragic accident forces him into joining a band of thieving boys. 
  9. Six months after the viral outbreak, civilised society in the UK has broken down. Vicky and her group travel to the Northumbrian island of Lindisfarne, where they are welcomed by an existing community.
  10. One of my favourite childhood stories is the tale of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Ask my kids what I’ll always say when it’s a starry night, and they’ll reply ‘second star to the right and straight on till morning.’
  11. They call him father, liberator, warlord, Reaper. But he feels a boy as he falls toward the pale blue planet, his armor red, his army vast, his heart heavy. It is the tenth year of war and the thirty-second of his life.



  3. Emmeline is a shadow weaver. That means she can shape and control shadows, all shadows except for one, her own. Emmeline names it Dar and treats it like a best friend. It is her only friend. Other children are afraid of her.

Dar maybe her friend but she is not just a shadow.

  1. Muffy and Valor: A True Story is an illustrated children’s book about two dogs.
  2. Leigh Chen Sanders is absolutely certain about one thing: When her mother died by suicide, she turned into a bird.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Call Of An Angel is a non-fiction, spirituality book and is ideal for those who believe in connections to angels and the energies of the universe.
  2. I’m not a saint. That’s not why I left the mafia.
    I left because I’m god, because I need no one, and fail at nothing.

I’m Isaias Di Nascimbeni, owner of Lucid, the biggest adult entertainment studio in L.A. Son of Il Lince and second generation Italian in the U.S, I’m dirty rich and adored by highlife as well as lowlife.

Whatever I focus on turns to gold.

  1. He is addicted to his phone and his new role as CEO. I’m addicted to getting some on my own honeymoon.

One of these things is not like the other.

  1. I don’t read a lot of romance, but sometimes you just crave a Christmas read to cozy up with during cold weather, and being familiar with Pittsburgh (where I discovered the awesome cheesy goodness of white pizza for the first time), this story appealed to me.
  2. Obsessive-compulsive school mum, Skye, is a lonely elite spy, who is running from her past whilst trying to protect the future of her child. She tries hard to fit in with the other parents at her son’s new school, but the only person who accepts her unconventional way of life is new mother, Thea.
  3. Carly Mitchell is returning to the small town of Yeardon, which she left abruptly a year ago; she has now come back to face her demons and make apologies.
  4. Autumn Hartley purchases Allen Hall at a steal, but the northern lass gets far more than a beautiful plantation in the South Carolina Low Country. The house comes complete with its own ghost, a handsome and charming Civil War General—for the Confederacy. The stage is set for another civil conflict.
  5. Fake boyfriend rule #1: Never fall for your fake girlfriend. Oops.
  6. There is no denying, the two author duo, Christina Lauren are a powerhouse author team. I have not read anything of there’s since their first couple of BEAUTIFUL books, and now I feel like I need to go back and read some more. ROOMIES was real. It was sweet, and angsty, with tons of great romantic moments – and “make you smile” kind of scenes. But, most of all it was real. I could see this actually happening, I could believe these characters could actually exist.






  1. With Lady Catherine’s Lover, Margaret Lynette Sharp has created another nice piece of fan fiction. If you have read Pride and Prejudiceor even watched the remarkable TV mini series (1980), you recognize the world of Elizabeth Darcy, née Bennet. The Longbourn series is centred on Elizabeth, whose warmth and intelligence also made Pride and Prejudice 



  1. Layla Cassidy has always wanted a normal life, and the chance to put her father’s brutal legacy behind her. And in her final year of university she’s finally found it. Or so she thinks.
  2. “Former Vertigo editor and bestselling writer Pornsak Pichetshote has teamed with artist Aaron Campbell (The Shadow) to bring us a graphic tale as timely as our newspaper headlines, with a dangerous and sinister supernatural approach.”
  3. An anthology of short stories based upon, inspired by and in loving homage to all of those great gorefest movies and books of the 1980’s (doesn’t need to be set in that era!), the golden age when horror well and truly came kicking, screaming and spraying blood, gore & body parts out from the shadows…
  4. What will you sacrifice for love?

An old fashioned psychological thriller with a nod to Stephen King, Manor House will keep you guessing and compel you to turn the page to the very end.




  1. It’s a beautiful day in Manchester and four friends are meeting for a birthday lunch. But then they witness a shocking accident just metres away which acts as a catalyst for each of them.
  2. Single-mother Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson’s got an ocean of trouble on her hands. Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT—Dakota’s daddy and the man who taught Lori everything—alive and kicking. Problem is, he’s behind bars, and heading for death row. Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off-the-books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe. Bring back on-the-run felon, Gibson “The Fish” Fletcher, and JT walks free.
  3. DI David Snow has a serial killer to catch, a killer as mysterious as the crimes he commits.

Snow is due to retire, but not before he discovers why someone killed his sergeant and is now coming after him.

  1. My twin brother is determined to kill himself, but I won’t let him. 

    I just discovered the sacrifice he made for me when we were young.

    Now it’s time I return the favor. This time I’ll be the one with the secret.
  2. Intelligence analyst Jake Balrich boards his Monday morning flight, as he has so many times, for routine field work. When the plane lands, a passenger fails to wake up. Jake soon realizes that the death was not accidental and is…
  3. The devil is coming…


A lawyer is found dead in a Peak District cave, his face ribboned with scratches.


  1. The sergeant took some from each box and spread them around the floor so they could all see. Dozens upon dozens of them. DI Rachel Narey’s guess was that there were a few hundred in all. 
  2. Some passwords protect more than just secrets.

Danny Caruso was glad to be back in the United States, back to his regular job. Back to his comfortable routine of all work and no play. But when his friend Mac asks a favor of him, he can’t refuse.

  1. In this novella the author  has, once again, concentrated on the theme of manipulation; from the manoeuvrings for power in business to the exploitation that can be committed in personal relationships. This is an emotional exploration of the human psyche on various levels. It is also a brilliant story.
  2. A Tincture of Secrets and Lies is the fourth book in the  Adam Bascom Mysteriesseries by William Savage.  His other series is the Ashmole Foxe Mysteries and both are set in Georgian England, in and around Norwich. I’ve read the previous three Dr. Adam Bascom books, mainly because I love mysteries, history, and am married to a physician. A perfect syzygy for Savage’s books. Despite being part of a series, A Tincture of Secrets and Lies can be read as a stand-alone, without any confusion on the part of the reader.
  3.  These novels are set in contemporary western Nebraska, the rugged High Plains of the pioneer, American Indian, and cowboy. My protagonist, Megan Docket, is a young attorney who accepts a job in a law firm in this desolate and windblown land. The trouble she finds fuels the mystery, suspense, and drama for these tales. Like me, Megan is half Phoenician (Lebanese Christian) and half Celtic (well, I’m Welsh), a graduate of Creighton University School of Law, and short. For the record, I have never killed anyone.
  4. Once I had cleared the bottles away and washed the blood off the floor, I needed to get out of the flat.’

Cordelia Russell has been living on the Côte d’Azur for ten years, posing a posh English woman fallen on hard times. But her luck is running out.

  1. Magda once believed in socialism, but when her brother, an Olympic athlete, fell seriously ill, she thought there was a cover-up and for her, a dangerous disbelief set in. For a while she tried to break free, but her father held a powerful position, so she pretended to conform, whilst plotting her escape.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:

  1. Lizzie St. Laurent is dealing with many of the struggles of young life. She lost her grandmother, and her living arrangements. Her new roommate abandoned her, and she’s working multiple jobs just to keep her head above water.





  1. February is the sexiest and most romantic month of the year. Grab something hot and sensual and settle down to enjoy it slowly…
  2. The third edition of my self-publishing guide 





  1. This novella is the true story of our family’s first proper holiday back in the Seventies. Looking back, I wonder what made us think it was a good idea, but despite all the things that could have gone wrong, we had a fantastic time.
  2. ‘Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It relies solely on what you think.’
  3. ‘Wise Before Their Time’ by Ann Richardson and Dietmar Bolle was first published in 1992 and focuses on the everyday lives of people suffering with HIV/AIDS.  Victims talk about how they found out about their disease, their thoughts and feelings at the time of diagnosis, and the effect the HIV diagnosis had on their immediate families. 
  4. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I try to pick books that uplift me and make me feel better. I also cook/bake a lot in the winter. I find it relaxing and very enriching to create with my hands. That being said, here are some books that inspired me this week:




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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