Book Talk 2/16/18

When We Finally Kiss Goodnight cover

Book Talk…2/16/18

Traci Kenworth


When We Finally Kiss Goodnight by Staci Troilo. AIW Press. Kindle.


From Amazon: Chloe Upshaw suffers from what she calls the trifecta of awful—unfulfilling job, disappointed family, bad luck with love. Just before Christmas, she travels to Pittsburgh hoping to land a job that will change her career. But not only is she in stiff competition for the position, she angers her mother by rejecting her matchmaking efforts and not going home. Worse, she runs into the guy who got away—and this time, no matter how many lies she tells to protect her heart, she leaves herself vulnerable to hurt.

Britt Garris’ callous and careless behavior in college cost him his dream girl. When fate crosses their paths ten years later, he thinks it’s serendipity. And he launches into one deception after another to win her back, including an auspicious trip for the two archaeologists to Gettysburg. Britt plays on Chloe’s love of history to spend time with her. He doesn’t count on the local lore and legend predicting their future—a future his duplicity puts at risk.

When their lies finally crumble, their budding relationship is threatened. Their dishonesties and disillusions may be impossible to overcome. But maybe the magic of the season can make their dreams come true.


My review: Chloe is stuck in Pittsburgh, hiding from her mother, and waiting for a job interview at a museum that’ll be a new start for her. Unfortunately, so is her ex-teacher/love interest. Neither knows the other is going for the same job. A hookup in the hotel sends both of them struggling to figure the other out. Britt suggests a road trip to Gettysburgh where they run across a legend that if you put your fingers in the holes of Jenny Wade’s house, you will be proposed to within a year. Chloe thinks the legend is just coincidence, but events play out that may prove otherwise.


LOVED! It was a quick read and perfect for this time of year! I liked reading of the legend and following these two characters from heartache to start-over. This would be an amazing site to visit!

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