Writerly Things 2/19/18

beautiful flower

Writerly Things…2/18/18

Traci Kenworth


It’s been kind of a busy week. Dr. apts. and other errands. We’re still not a full schedule for work but hopefully, that’ll change soon. Of course, there may come a time when I wish that there were fewer hours, lol, when things get going with both my son and daughter. I’d hoped to be so much further along than I am right now with things. It hasn’t been a bad new year so far, but it seems like more of the same of the end of last year. Thankfully, the storms have been staying away.

I’m still waiting for my beta for MF. Letting TGW sit until I’m finished with MF. I want to give the story time to germinate and grow so that when I go back to it, I can really tear into it. I’m working on LO still. I’ve decided to add back the couple’s viewpoint that were the original main characters. Now, they’re secondary and I think that works better. So, that’ll add more word count to the story. It may turn out to be a novella, not sure.

The worldbuilding is coming along. I’ve figured different courses for my students to take. I’ve been working on what the school looks like. I want something dark and sinister. I’ve researched a local legend and it seems to fit the idea I want. Of course, I won’t use the real place as I don’t want any lawsuits but the legend I can work with. It involves a college and hauntings. Once upon a time, there was another building there, a sort of poorhouse. Legend has it, the poorhouse is still there, just covered by a lake. There have been reports of students seeing ghosts around the lake at night. As I said, this will fit perfectly with what I’m writing.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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