Tell Me a Story Traci Kenworth

I’m over on Annette’s program today! It was a blast to get interviewed!

Annette Rochelle Aben

A blogger with a true heart of gold, Traci Kenworth is featured in this installment of the podcast known as Tell Me a Story

With all the time spent sharing writing and reading links on her blog, one would imagine that Ohio native, Traci Kenworth, has little time for her own writing.  Maybe, maybe not, but you’ll have to give a listen and learn more about this enthusiastic woman of words. I think you are going to enjoy getting to know Traci Kenworth better!

Be sure to FOLLOW Traci Kenworth and when she features a link to your blog, be sure to thank her, she truly appreciates being appreciated!

Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network.

* remember, all podcasts are posted in alphabetical order

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11 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story Traci Kenworth

      1. Thank you for being so kind. I guess we all see some of these authors that don’t even seem to sweat during an interview and wish we were them. Of course, the reality is, they’re shaking too. We just don’t notice if it’s not us.

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