Writerly Things…6/10/18

Father and son take a walk
Father, son in woods

Writerly Things…6/10/18

Traci Kenworth


It was as usual, a busy week for me but now I have some days off to catch up on a lot. Well, hopefully. I’ve moved forward with my research of publishers who take manuscripts without an agent. I’ve found over a hundred-and-fifty and thirteen are big five publishers. You have to watch the contracts there, Kristine Kathryn Rusch says as they try and grab all the rights they can and sometimes the contracts are bad themselves. I’m reading her Closing the Deal to prepare as well that I may bring in a lawyer at the end to go over the contract. I’ve been researching literary lawyers in my area and it doesn’t seem like there are many at all. I get listings for California and elsewhere and it’s like, I’m in Ohio, that’s not going to work!

I am leaning toward the smaller publishers though as I hear they are easier to work with and don’t want as many rights. I have a lot of friends that publish through them. Some can be nasty to work with too, though, you have to be careful. I’ve heard of some of them shutting their doors and your manuscript is tied up in court indefinitely. Not a way I’d like to experience. You definitely have to do your research. Look them up on Writer Beware and other sites warning you of predatory actions.

I got a little more writing down this week than last. You have to grab every opportunity to sit down at the computer and get things down that you can. Sometimes that’s tough but you just have to do it. There are times I write around my meals. While cooking, I steal thirty minutes while the potatoes are frying, a little more when I add the other vegetables, and meat. I like dishes I can throw in the slow cooker the best. I don’t have to do anything except throw the ingredients in and then serve. Although, today, I had to make mashed potatoes to go with things so while the water was boiling, I wrote. Easy meals are a plus for the writer. Now, household chores, that’s another matter entirely, lol. I’d rather be writing but I have to finagle some things in there.

How has your week gone? And your projects? Have a great day, take care, and God bless!

11 thoughts on “Writerly Things…6/10/18

  1. Leaning on self-publishing. I was about to say 100%, but there is a small publisher in South Africa who grabbed one of my stories. I didn’t ask for that though (eternally greatful, however). I look forward to the full creative freedom of going the solo route. 😄

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      1. Understandable. It took me a while to decide how I planned to go about it, but when my dad explained to me how some publishers own your work and even your writing name, I decided perhaps it wasn’t for me. Thank you, and all the best to you as well 😊

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