Writing Links…6/18/18

Fantasy landscape

Writing Links…6/18/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. https://mythcreants.com/blog/lessons-from-the-rambling-writing-of-handbook-for-mortals/ “Last year, Handbook for Mortals by Lani Sarem cheated its way to the top of the New York Times YA bestseller list. It wasn’t #1 for long, though. Observers quickly noticed how strange it was that a book no one had heard of by a brand new publisher had soared to the top. The book wasn’t in stock at most retailers, and the website Fakespot rated the book’s Amazon reviews as suspicious. Also, everyone thought Handbook for Mortals was really bad for a bestseller. After investigating, The New York Times removed the book from their list. You can get all the juicy details on Pajiba.”
  2. http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2018/06/5-ways-classic-pc-adventure-games.html “It’s no secret that I freaking love PC Adventure Games. I’ve been playing them since I was seven-years-old. My mom had a lot of them on floppy disc. Yes, floppy disc. If you don’t know what those are, look them up (It’s also what your save icon is in Microsoft Word). XD Then later on with CD-ROM (Now we have snazzy disc-less download stuff. I’m so grateful for that.). So I have many fond memories get on our dinosaur of a computer in the office after finishing my schoolwork for the day and spending time with some of my pixel best friends. I wouldn’t be the same writer I am today without the many skills I learned by playing these games.”
  3. https://colleenchesebro.com/2018/06/16/getting-to-know-you-sunday-interview-2018-smorgasbord-variety-is-the-spice-of-life/ “As writers, we tend to share aspects of our work in interviews, such as our blog posts, books, and characters, and that is very important. However, sometimes we don’t get to share some of the other aspects of our personalities.”


Romance/Women’s Fiction:



  1. https://stevelaube.com/author-says-agent-hears/ “Many aspiring authors communicate things they think are positive, or at least in the spirit of honesty and transparency, but end up being understood entirely different than the intended message.”
  2. https://stevelaube.com/the_wild_pitch/ “It is the third month of the Major League baseball season, so I thought it would be fun to explore the concept of having a quality pitch. As with baseball, the author needs to pitch their ideas in an effective manner. But it doesn’t always work out that way.”



  1. https://mythcreants.com/blog/why-historical-accuracy-isnt-a-reason-to-exclude-diversity/ “As someone who critiques media for a living, I run into this argument all the time. I see it from the darkest depths of YouTube to the comments section of this very blog. Some people use the argument as a smoke screen to hide the fact that they simply don’t want diverse stories, whereas others genuinely think that history requires stories to be full of bigotry. Either way, the argument is wrong, and here’s why.” I have to agree. All types of people should be in our stories. There’s room for everyone!



  1. http://www.thisishorror.co.uk/tih-207-laird-barron-on-blood-standard-crime-fiction-and-toning-down-the-weird/ Great podcast!
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/brian-keene-burn-fund




Mental Health:

  1. http://mybipolarmind.com/2018/06/16/my-2018-vacation-is-in-12-hours/ “I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and walking on the beach. I would bring my laptop on the sand and stare at the ocean view and write or blog because that is actually on my bucketlist — to write by the ocean — but I am too worried that I would get sand on it or that it will get wet, broken, or stolen. I need my laptop because, well, I am a writer. Or at least, I try to be.” I am going on vacation, too, just not away for one. Well, at least I don’t think so. Instead, I’m taking a writing vacation.



  1. http://www.adventuresinyapublishing.com/2018/06/amy-mcnamara-author-of-flicker-in.html “Many years ago my daughter struggled with a needy, domineering and self-destructive friend. It made me think of my own attraction to a glamorous mess when I was her age. It took me far longer than it took my daughter to realise there is a vast difference between caretaking and genuine friendship and that real friendship is an ongoing balance between give and take.”



  1. http://annerallen.com/2018/06/novellas-novelettes-short-stories-flash/ “Novellas went out of style in the mid-20th century, but now they’re back.” I wish I could write them. I haven’t had much luck breaking in to the magazines lately.
  2. https://killzoneblog.com/2018/06/for-the-repose-of-the-soul.html “Fair warning: this is going to be a very dark and sad post. You might want to go elsewhere, to a place where quiet is disturbed only by laughter and where there is no fear or bad endings instead of reading what follows.”
  3. https://dsm-publications.com/2018/06/15/author-inspiration-and-this-weeks-writing-links-4/ “I’ve been blessed with many wonderful examples of fatherhood. My grandfather and my father were everything a girl could have asked for: strong, fun, loving, caring, encouraging. I have uncles and inlaws galore who fit the bill, too. I can’t tell you how full of love my heart is for each and every one of them.”


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:

  1. https://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/the-heavens-parted-today/ “Today the words just wouldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop when I did. Old What’s Her Face called to say she’d gotten off work, or I’d still be at it.”



  1. https://syl65.wordpress.com/2018/06/15/climbing/
  2. https://themilitantnegro.com/2018/06/16/one-world/



  1. https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2018/06/how-to-update-your-book-without-losing-your-reviews/ “One of the benefits of being an indie publisher is the ability to update your books whenever you choose. Have a cover you did yourself before you knew better? Change the cover! Wrote a book about social media and included Vine? Update it! Have a new book coming out? Add a sample chapter in your past book! And so on.”
  2. https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2018/06/book-promotion-do-this-not-that-june-2018/ “More and more authors are seeing that the ADD TO CART button does not place an order with the author/publisher like it used to. This is not a new phenomenon, but for the last year, Amazon has been awarding the button to the lowest-priced seller and that is often not the author. This has, in some cases, resulted in a dramatic drop in their CreateSpace sales.”
  3. https://selfpublishingadvice.org/indie-authors-ebook-pricing-seeley-james/One of the many advantages of being an indie author is that with access to your own dashboard on the book distribution sites (KDP, Kobo, iBooks, etc), you can set your own pricesfor your books, in whatever format you’re self-publishing them, and change them until you hit a sweet spot for profitability.”
  4. https://selfpublishingadvice.org/what-are-the-best-low-cost-marketing-tactics-for-authors-questions-answered-at-askalli-members-qa/ “Welcome to AskALLi, the Self-Publishing Advice Podcastfrom the Alliance of Independent Authors. This week it’s our monthly Member Q&A where the most pressing self-publishing questions from ALLi members are analyzed and answered. Join your regular hosts for the Member Q&A: Michael La Ronn and Dan Blank.”
  5. https://www.indiesunlimited.com/2018/06/04/writing-and-publishing-what-scares-you/ “I’ve published more than twenty works of fiction over the past seven or eight years, but none of them has given me so much pause – so much stick your fingers in your ears and go LALALALA– as publishing the book I’ve been working on for at least ten years: a memoir of my relationship with my mother and my brother.”



  1. https://jamigold.com/2018/06/are-sneaky-plot-holes-lurking-in-your-story/ “Despite the term plot hole, illogical and/or inconsistent events and details in our story can exist in more places than just our story’s plot. And no matter the source, those breaks in logic affect our readers the same way, so we need to watch out for them the same way we keep an eye open for logic holes within our story’s plot.”
  2. https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/how-to-create-character-chemistry/ “To one degree or another, chemistry exists in all relationships, whether they’re romantic, familial, friendly, or just casual. Some chemistry is positive; some negative. Either way, chemistry is basically just an energetic exchange between people.”
  3. https://www.janefriedman.com/the-power-of-silence-in-a-pitch-situation/ “When writers ask me for advice about pitching their work in-person, my favorite tip is: Get the other person talking and asking questions. Rather than dominating the conversation with everything youwant to say, figure out what’s going on inside the head of your target. That’s where the valuable information is. The nature of their response will help you learn the publishing business and how to position your work.”
  4. https://www.janefriedman.com/what-does-it-mean-to-write-a-scene-that-works/ “Change through conflict. On the whole, stories are about change. And scenes are a boiled down, less intense, mini-story. They should do the same thing your global story does: upset the life value of the character and put them on a path to try and restore it.”
  5. https://writershelpingwriters.net/2018/06/occupation-thesaurus-entry-business-tycoon/ “Overview: A business tycoon is someone who is extremely successful in their industry. Tycoons tend to be entrepreneurial, coming up with innovative ideas or solutions that help them rise to the top in their fields. Some (Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, etc.) are so famous as to become household names to the general public, while others are simply well-known by those in their fields. A person can become a mogul in any industry—automobiles, banking, social media, finance, media, real estate, etc. Because of their success, these leaders tend to be very wealthy.”



  1. http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2018/06/15/mining-old-manuscripts-guest-post-by-traci-kenworth/ “Old manuscripts are never a waste. Mine them!” I stopped over at Chris’s this past week!
  2. http://www.thepassivevoice.com/morality-clauses-are-publishers-right-to-police-writers/ “As the pressure has mounted, London-based authors’ agent Lizzy Kremer has taken pre-emptive action – drawing up a new, industry-wide code of conduct on behalf of a coalition of authors, booksellers, agents and publishers. The voluntary code was partly inspired by London’s Royal Court theatre, which constructed one in reaction to its own sexual misconduct scandal involving a former artistic director. Among the theatre’s first responses was a call out for testimony about sexual harassment to help it to identify “patterns and scenarios”. In a detail that chimes strongly with the publishing industry, the report drew attention to the dangers of a “blurred social context”: “13.3% of reported incidents happened at work parties … with alcohol.”
  3. http://booksbywomen.org/waiting-for-inspiration-by-penny-kline/ “Sitting agonising never works, at least it doesn’t for me. Obviously, if and when I have a wonderful moment of “inspiration” and the two themes combine into a story, there are still many gaps to be filled and, most importantly of all, characters to create, but where the story came from I couldn’t say. Somewhere in my unconscious, I suppose.” I often have to do something else as well.
  4. https://seths.blog/2018/06/the-danger-of-not-good-enough/ “It’s true that you’re not good enough yet. None of us are. But if you commit to trying hard enough and long enough, you’ll get better.” This is something I’m struggling with right now.
  5. https://vivdrewa.me/2018/06/15/how-to-secretly-signal-to-your-bartender-barista-that-you-feel-unsafe-on-a-date-just-in-case-by-rachel-shatto/ “After reading this article, I thought it would be good to share it, in case you, or someone you care about, might need to know – Just In Case… TSRA”
  6. https://amdobritt.blog/2018/06/15/emotional-layers-the-gateway-to-deep-point-of-view-from-the-writers-in-the-storm-blog/ “Deep point of view lets your readers experience story through a virtual reality headset. Readers want to take an emotional journey alongside the main character in every scene. This style puts readers IN the story as much as possible.”



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