8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself

My Bipolar Mind

8-reasons-why-should-love-yourself-unsplashPhoto by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself

For a majority of us, it is often hard to be able to say that we love ourselves and actually mean it to the fullest extent. Disliking ourselves, or not fully be able to love ourselves fully, could have been caused by a multitude of things. For some people, they may have gone through a traumatic experience. For others, it could be that they were picked on, bullied, or called unkind names. In my own personal experiences, I have dealt with all of the above; plus, some extras not mentioned.

We may also find it hard to love ourselves when we develop abandonment issues because of things like the absence of a parent, being left alone for long periods of time when we were little, frequent breakups that we had no control over or…

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