Writerly Things…7/1/18


Writerly Things…7/1/18

Traci Kenworth


So, the bad news: I’ve decided at this point not to take back up with the links. However, the good news is: I’ve discovered the reblog button is able to do some of what I was doing and it’s a much faster process! The only problem I see, is there are a lot of blogs that don’t have a Press! This button or a reblog option. Otherwise, I’ve been able to go through my week’s blogs and use the reblog or Press! This to share the blogs with others faster.

I still had time to work on my beta. I’m on page 272 of 442. So, getting there! I’ve got some fantastic tips from those looking at my manuscript which I’ll attempt to do as soon as I finish reading it aloud. Yes, that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Reading it aloud and taking notes on what needs changed/what doesn’t sound right. I’m shooting for an Aug. 27-29 deadline as that’s when PitchWars start. If I don’t get in, I’ll be subbing it.

Are any of you getting ready for PitchWars as well? It’s a contest over on Brenda Drake’s website that brings mentors and mentees together. Once the mentees are picked, work on the manuscript begins. When it’s ready, you let agents and editors take a look at it. From there, you might end up with a deal. There’s a lot of success stories from PitchWars. Brenda Drake posts them often.

The heat has been horrendous here with the heat index 100% some days. It may rain tomorrow but it’s still supposed to be hot going through this week. The fans will have to keep running. I couldn’t survive going out in the car without a/c. As it is, I barely want to move, lol. I’m trying to keep going. I also have asthma so this extreme heat affects me more than I like.

How are all of you? How are your projects? Have a good week, take care, and God bless!

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