Cosy Art Deco #Mystery My #Bookreview of The Silver Gun by L.A Chandlar

Rosie Amber

The Silver Gun (Art Deco Mystery #1)The Silver Gun by L.A. Chandlar

3.5 stars

The Silver Gun is an Art Deco style cosy mystery, set in New York in the 1930s.

Lane Sanders is twenty three and a personal aide to the new mayor. These are the depression years that followed the roaring twenties, leaving the city with a curious mix of soup lines and cocktail bars, and new roles for women in the workplace. Mayor LaGuardia is determined to rid the city of its corruption and the stranglehold of mobs; an unpopular and dangerous move.

In a complex plot Lane’s life is threatened, but she vows to solve, for herself, who is behind a series of attacks. With the help of a cast of lively characters, Lane becomes an adept crime investigator. The author’s love of the time shines through, with lots of detail included in the narrative. The storyline does, however, require some suspension…

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