Food Q&A


Barb shared a Food Q&A and I’m playin along. I like this sorta thing.


Do you enjoy food from countries that are not your own?
Yes, I am American. If it’s not beans, corn, or squash, it probably didn’t originate here.

2. When you prepare salad for yourself, do you rip your greens (lettuce, spinach, &c…), or do you cut them?
I rip em.

3. There’s a saying that goes: “Life is short, eat dessert first.”  What do you think of that advice?
That’s solid advice. Especially when dinner’s an hour from done.

IMG_35044. Have you ever thrown spaghetti against the wall to test for doneness? — If it sticks, it’s done (so they say) — What other such kitchen habits might you have?
Yes, that is the way. When it’s really busy around here, sometimes the spaghetti hangs on, like that one dead spider in the bathroom corner.


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