The Writer’s Reading Corner: Kenechukwu Obi #amreading #thriller #suspense

Books and Such

I’m a fan of Harlan Coben (especially his Myron Bolitar series), for exactly the reasons today’s guest, Kenechukwu Obi, describes below.  Kenechukwu’s book, EndIt By The Gun, was just released yesterday!

One of the books I’ve read and like very much is TELL NO ONE by Halan Coben. What I particularly like about Halan’s suspense novel is his mastery of words and his ability to take a reader through many captivating twists and turns that are all over the story. I discovered a writing style similar to mine in some ways in the novel, and I recommend it to anyone hungry for a thriller/suspense novel that’s simply magical.

The title of my own novel is END IT BY THE GUN. It’s a thriller/suspense novel.

Strong ambition drives Beck Blades, an aspiring writer from rural Nebraska, to become obsessed with having big Hollywood studios make movies based on his…

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