Writerly Things…7/15/18

Table of map making tools

Writerly Things…7/15/18
Traci Kenworth

I got the list of 2018 mentors for Pitchwars last night as you can see from yesterday’s reblog. I was excited to find two mentors that have the same taste in favorite books and a few more with the same authors. Of course, I still need to see what each of them are looking for. It may be that I go with someone else entirely before it’s over. It may also be that no one’s looking for what I have to offer in my story too. If so, it’ll be on to subs once it’s finished polishing. I’ve already got some great feedback on my story from a couple sources, so I have to tweak it a bit in the end for those changes.
The blog’s stats are growing in leaps-and-bounds. It’s only halfway through the month and I’ve gotten almost the same amount it takes me to get for a full month with the reblogs. So, I’ll be continuing with them. It’s much easier and takes less time to do things this way then the way I was formally doing them. I guess change exists for a reason!
The heat index has been creeping back up this weekend into the nineties. We’re due for storms tomorrow, I’m hoping it cools off. But the weather keeps changing. Some of it is due to the storms gathering off of the coasts, some due to the lake (Lake Erie). I’m just about spent as far as the heat goes. My medical conditions make it hard on me and I wish I lived somewhere with less humidity but maybe someday.
I watched a video on description and viewpoint by Brandon Sanderson yesterday. He said you want to keep your worldbuilding to show just the tip of the iceberg. Show the concrete, leave most to the reader’s imagination. I’m learning this in revisions right now. I used to go by the rule of three, but I think you need even less. Two, maybe. He said today’s reader just skims most of the info. When you do use worldbuilding, he said to use it in such a way as to add a line or two of it and then go back to dialogue and the story. In this manner, you feed a bit of it at a time. I’ve learned a lot from his podcasts. They’re on youtube if anyone wants to look them up.
Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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