~*~ It’s Like The Worse Hangover ~*~

I’ve never taken this med, but I have experience withdrawal from other bipolar meds.

Beckie's Mental Mess

how to use klonopin for opiate withdrawal symptoms opiate addiction supportHello, My Dear Fellow Bloggers and Freinds…  

How are you this weekend?  I truly hope you have all been enjoying it no matter what you have done.

I’ve actually been feeling rather lousy over the last week.  I mean, other than the amount of stress I’m under, I have been feeling sickly.  It didn’t dawn on me until Friday late afternoon what it was that was actually making me feel this way.  

It was back on July 3rd., that I had seen my psychiatrist for the first time in months.  She had taken me off Klonopin.  It was originally prescribed to me for insomnia and anxiety that I was experiencing.  I was on it for close to nine months or so.  She had taken me off that, and in its place, I was prescribed Vistaril.  Prior to this visit with her, I had run out of the Klonopin a week…

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