TALON, Book 4 – Connected, first chapter – At home After the Ordeal – by Gigi Sedlmayer…

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At home After the Ordeal

Mira, after she had carried her daughter into her bed, undressed her, put her pajamas on then tucked her in, sat at the edge of her bed and watched her for a few seconds longer, thinking, My darling, you have proven yourself today. You are as strong as I thought you would be.I’m so proud of you. Well done.

Matica had fallen asleep sitting on the table telling her and her brother Aikon everything she had seen and experienced walking with her dad to the big city of Cajamarca and back. On the way home, after they had visited the Inca dwelling, a nasty, huge, black and hairy spider with long legs and a large, round body – as big as a dinner plate – had bitten her dad on his ankle twice, as they had found out later. Seeing the bite, they treated…

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