The Thing In My Head


For a change, not anxiety, heh. Okay, still there, but not the focus today.

I am nearing the end of my work project. I have the math portions left. The math. Itemized maths. Oy. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve got tons of math anxiety and a smidge of dyscalculia. At least once a day I’m convinced the numbers are NOT doing the maths right, and every time… ever single time… wait for it… it’s… human error.
Goin into work today, I was already at 35 hours this week, TRYING to get the thing done. I’d even grown a bit snippy. Me. Snippy. Can you imagine?

Yesterday, my head revolted.
It wanted to be a migraine.
I turned out the light in my office.
I took medicine. (I hate medicine.)

I told Mentor I’d do a thing, and then I hadda call her and be all, “I lied…

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