It’s a Bit of a Pant Rant


So, I have these pants. They’re Dockers and denim, but they’re dark and cut like slacks. I call them dressy jeans. I do that. I have jeans like this:

dressy jeans – as above, and another pair, longer, for heels
regular jeans – Levi’s five-oh-I-dunno, one has a design on the back pockets
mom jeans – because bloating is real
skinny jeans – because bloating doesn’t last forever
super skinny jeans – because some days I CAN, okay?
CK jeans – you can’t make me give them up, they still have a waist as high as my own
bling jeans – they’re bedazzled
holey jeans — because weekends, and really, who I am

The Mister just has jeans. I’ve asked.

Dressing for a woman is complicated. It involves many choices. Much of our dressing success depends on the season and the weather and the event and our shoes and our…

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