Guest Poem | We’ll Try Tomorrow

My Bipolar Mind

BH- we will try tomorrow

We’ll Try Tomorrow

A Poem | Brittney Herz

But my blanket is too wrinkled

And something dark is beneath my bed,

I’m supposed to be getting dressed now

At least that’s what mommy said.


But my pants are just too hard

And my shirt is way too soft,

My hair is still wet from my shower

So I start to rip it off.


I have to get to moving

Or else everyone will be late,

I yell to mommy that I can’t

But she doesn’t want to wait.


Brother doesn’t want to play

Sometimes my friends just laugh,

They don’t understand me

When I break my toys in half.


The world outside looks so scary

But at the same time so exciting,

Mommy just keeps staring

Daddy’s nails, he’s always biting.


I scream when my dinners hot

And shout when it’s too cold,

I have…

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