Poetry Friday

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The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Poetry Friday!

A butterfly approached a horned viper and asked, “Are you a dragon?”

The viper narrowed its strange yellow eyes. “Is there something wrong with your sight? Can’t you see I’m a snake?”

The butterfly flitted around the snake’s head and said, “You look like a dragon to me.”

The viper hissed and slammed its tail on the grass. “I told you, I’m no dragon! Dragons breathe fire!”

“Your venom is fire to your prey. They are consumed by it,” said the butterfly.

“Dragons fly!” said the viper with an exasperated sigh.

“I’ve seen you in trees and on mountain tops where only flying things can go,” said the butterfly without a doubt.

The snake tilted its head and narrowed its eyes in confusion. “Dragons are huge creatures.” The viper’s voice was soft and uncertain.

“You are much larger than I. To me you are…

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