#NewRelease Regency #Romance From Duke Till Dawn by @EvaLeighAuthor @MillsAndBoon

Rosie Amber

From Duke till Dawn: 2018’s most scandalous Regency read by [Leigh, Eva]From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh

4 stars

From Duke Till Dawn is a regency romance set in London.

Alex Lewis is the Duke of Greyland who has just been jilted by his fiancée The marriage proposal had been one of convenience, and although spurned, Alex is more inconvenienced than hurt.

Meanwhile, he can’t help recalling the beauty he fell in love with, two years ago, in Cheltenham, a mystery woman he named ‘The Lost Queen’, and who haunts his dreams. She was the widow Cassandra Blair, but she disappeared from his life after one night of passion.

Alex’s friends feel he needs cheering up, so they take him to a new gambling hall. To his surprise, he meets Cassandra once more. Here she is employed as a hostess. When they do get a chance to speak, she gives him a credible reason for hurriedly leaving Cheltenham.  But Cassandra…

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