How To Do The Gratitude ABC’s

My Bipolar Mind

Gratitude ABC’s

Gratitude ABC’s can work wonders for a variety of situations including anxiety or panic attacks, urges to use drugs or alcohol, anxiety-inducing situations, feeling low, or even as a distraction method. It is simple to do and requires only your mind and ability to think.

All you have to do is say a gratitude for every letter of the alphabet.


I am grateful for…

  • A is for my appearance
  • B is for my big heart
  • C is for my cat
  • D is for my dignity

You just keep this up for the entire alphabet and go all the way to Z.

Now, some letters will be much easier than others, but try to come up with something for each letter. Get creative if you have to!

Give it a try and see what you think about it. I recently learned about this…

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