Introducing, “The Opposite of Hew,” A Novella by Lisa W. Tetting

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opposite of hew cover

I would like to introduce my friend and author, Lisa W. Tetting. We met almost four years ago on the blogs here at WordPress. It has been a pleasure watching and reading Lisa’s writing journey.

I’ve read and reviewed many of her books. Click HERE to read my review of Egyptian Nights, one of my favorites, written under her pen name, L. Loren. Egyptian Nights is part of her LoveRotica series.

Lisa explains:

I write love stories with an edge of sexy that I like to call LoveRotica. To the rest of the world, they are erotic romance novels. This is adult content, so I have to insist that you’re over 18 years to read them. My stories will feature a strong female protagonist with flaws and challenges. Since I am an African American woman, I will tend to write from that perspective, however, as a creative…

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