5 One Minute Meditations For Mindfulness

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5 One Minute Meditations For Mindfulness

5 One Minute Meditations For Mindfulness

Meditation is good for the mind, body, and soul but not everyone is able to set aside 20-30 minutes during the day for a full meditation routine or session. Other people think that mediation is too complicated therefore they won’t even bother giving it a try. However, most have us have one minute here and there throughout the day to ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s just upon waking, going to bed, in the shower, or preparing your coffee. You can even be stuck at a red light.

Today, I have some amazing one-minute meditations for you to try. They are even great for beginners and are so simple that anyone could master these! They will help relax your mind and body. It can also be very beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction. Try to give all five meditations a try!

5. Match…

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