Princess Cyrena: The Altered Harpy

Legends of Windemere

Harpie Lady from Yugioh

Princess Cyrena is the wife of the Shadow Earl and the caretaker of Rayne.  In fact, it’s stated that she was transformed from a regular harpy to one that is more humanoid and civil.  Even stranger, she has a facial resemblance to Luke Callindor, which stems from an early idea.  Honestly, I can’t remember when she turned up in Quest of the Brokenhearted, so there isn’t too much of an origin.  This is similar to Hyde in that it was a simple concept that came out of necessity.

Cyrena began as a demon, but I wanted to make her something different from the Shadow Earl.  The idea of him being married to a more mundane being is what had me gravitate to harpies.  It was locked in and then I remembered I’d already had them show up in Curse of the Dark Wind.  It…

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