Writerly Things…8/19/18

fantasy, tombstone

Writerly Things…8/19/18
Traci Kenworth

Another busy week as my son prepares for college. We weren’t sure he’d be able to go as the FAFSA didn’t come in until this past week. It should be deposited by Mon. or Teus. with us (it’s already at the school) so he can start getting what he needs. The rush of it is: he has kick-off on Tues. which is mandatory for all college freshman. He starts school Thurs. and will then be off until Mon. This is his dream, though these first two years will be the general stuff that he needs for his degree and he’ll later transfer to the main campus for the last two and his electives.
My daughter wants to go in Jan. She wasn’t able to go yet as finances are a concern for us. Without my daughter’s help, I wouldn’t be able to make it on just my disability check. I’m hoping to see a change soon. Either that my ex goes back to work and starts paying his arrearages again or that both the kids have jobs that can help out financially even though it’ll be a juggle with classes and work. I’m hoping to be able to sell my books/stories in the future to help out as well.
I have a little under a hundred pages still to go on the beta. I’m fixing big story stuff right now as this is the most important stuff at the moment. I’ll go in for the more minor fixes afterwards. I am feeling upbeat thanks to the help of writer friends who are cheering me on. I so appreciate them! Next week is the opening for PitchWars on the 27th to 29th. Is anyone else going to join? I do wish you luck. I have my mentors narrowed down to five—there are so many good choices but if it’s like last year, I’ll have to pick just three to send my story to. My query and synopsis are ready as are my pitches for PitchWars if they have that this year.
Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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