Warring Immortals Still Have Eternity

Legends of Windemere

Well, we’re coming up on the release of War of Nytefall: Lost.  It wasn’t too long ago that War of Nytefall: Loyalty came out, but about 17 years have passed for the Dawn Fangs and old-world vampires.  You would think such powerful beings would have settled things by now.  After all, Clyde can take out armies and some of his enemies are weak against the sun.  Just charge into the enemy stronghold, tear everyone apart, and get home in time for dinner.  Fortunately for readers, none of it went that way because I needed to have a large time jump.  The only question was the rationale for it taking so long, which has a few different answers.

  1. Clyde really did screw up in the first book.  He wanted a challenge instead of simply taking the ‘throne’, so he didn’t put this war to bed right away.  Now, faced with a…

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